Bearly Articulating is a concierge style, equity, diversity and inclusivity (D&I) think tank. Our mission is to ignite conversations across multiple dimensions of diversity. Our vision exemplifies a passion for ideas, the belief that ideas matter and are worth discussing, and that our environment succeeds only when the community includes and welcomes people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Originally designed as an educational consultancy in 2015, Bearly Articulating was founded with a passion to empower learners with special abilities. More specifically, learners that exhibited dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. While uniting best practices, we equipped communities with the tools to create inclusive initiatives. As a result, equity, diversity and inclusivity are embedded in our history.

Detroit became our headquarters in 2016. Since arriving, we have participated in Build Institute, ProsperUS Detroit,
OptimizeWayne and Grand Circus. We also became an awardee of the Motor City Match Space Award in the fall of 2017.